Meet Jared

Jared Carter and his family
Jared K. Carter is a long-time Burlington resident, legal activist, and law professor at Vermont Law School. As the director of the Vermont Community Law Center, Jared regularly represents individuals and organizations fighting for social, economic, and environmental justice. A specialist in civil rights, constitutional law, and consumer protection, Jared has worked tirelessly to protect the rights of all Vermonters.

Jared K. Carter - Democratic Candidate for Burlington City Council: Central DistrictFrom fighting to protect Burlington Telecom as a public asset, to challenging the constitutionality of Burlington’s homeless policies, the Church Street No-trespass Ordinance, or the Mall Development, Jared has advocated for a more inclusive, transparent, and just city government. In addition to legal advocacy, Jared is a frequent commentator on VPR and partners with the ACLU of VT on issues of constitutional law. Jared’s commentaries can be found here. Jared is married to Yuris Mora. They have two young children.

Sampling Jared’s Activism in Burlington

  • Partnering with ACLU of Vermont to challenge the constitutionality Burlington’s Homeless Camp
  • Intervenor challenging the Burlington Telecom Sale case before the Public Service Board.
  • Challenged the constitutionality of privatization/no-trespass ordinance on Church Street.
  • Represented Seven Days Newspaper in public records case advocating transparent government.
  • Outspoken critic of the Mall “Re-development” project – now calls for City Council to come up with
    a “Plan B” back-up plan since the project is stalled.
  • Represented community activists subject to police use of force during a protest.